VirtuosoMedia makes communication secure on public networks and platforms.
We have developed various components for this purpose.

  • Our SecurityServer (firewall at application level) provides:
    • secure point-to-point encrypted linkage of applications
    • identification and authentication of users
    • control over remote calls
    • delivery of session keys
  • Our 'Rights & Services' management suite provides user identification, (session based) key management, status monitoring as well as management modules and is based on advanced cryptography with AES128/256 and RSA1024/2048, and SHA512 & RIPEMD hashing.
  • Our client software is as platform independent as can be and based on
    open standards as ICE/STUN, MPEG audio and video.

For the development of these components we make use of different languages and development environments as PHP and javascript, Actionscript, Java, and C++, for client software for Windows,
Android and iOS platforms as Linux based server components.